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Frequently Asked Questions:
The following questions and answers are a sample of some of the queries we regularly get asked.  You must read the full Terms and Conditions in conjunction with this list.  If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are away in a Coral Coast Caravan Hire Caravan/Camper and are not sure how something works, can we contact you & when?
Yes, you can contact us by phone, text messaging and email between 8am and 8pm, 7 days or a 24hour message bank service which we are updated on immediately for urgent matters.

I do not have an appropriate tow vehicle or I have no experience in towing a caravan?
It is for this reason that a lot of people miss out on the opportunity to experience the joy of caravanning.  So, to allow everyone this experience we offer full Delivery, Setup & Collection of our Caravans & campers.  We love & proudly promote Bundaberg & its surrounds and for this reason we offer FREE delivery, setup & collection to a number of the lovely facilities within a 20km radius of Bundaberg City, this includes Bargara, Elliott Heads, Moore Park etc.  We do also deliver further afield up to under a 200km radius of Bundaberg City, some fees and conditions will apply for this extra service so please just give us a call to find out more.

What do we need to bring?
Just You & your loved ones, your food & drinks, clothes and personal items. 

Our prices are fully inclusive of the essentials you will need to have fun! 

All bed linen, mattress protectors, blankets, pillows, pillow protectors & pillowcases plus bathing towels, tea towels, tablecloths & kitchen linen along with an extensive list of all the creature comforts you need to make for an enjoyable experience are supplied & are commercially laundered & cleaned at the end of every hire.  Please see the full list of inclusions for your selected van or camper.

We also have an ever-increasing inventory of “Extra’s” for hire to cater for every need and want you may have for the ultimate experience – if you don’t see something listed, please just ask.

Please also note, we have decked out the vans & campers with an average allowance of 4 people.  Extras are available but You will need to advise staff at the time of booking should you require additional linen etc.

We would prefer you NOT to bring your own linen or other heavy items as we have specifically supplied high quality low weight inclusions in all of our vans & campers so as to keep in line with “Safe Towing procedures” and maintaining correct weight of the vans (tare & tow ball weights) for your safety.  If you have specific items other than clothing to bring, please advise us prior to set-off as this may hinder your safe towing abilities and will also be your onus to maintain throughout your hire as full liability will fall to the Hirer in the event of any incident in relation to an overloaded/overweight caravan or camper.

Are BBQ’s available to hire?
Yes, we have compact family BBQ’s for hire complete with the stand, gas bottle, gas and a complete BBQ Cooking set. 

Can we hire a LED LCD TV with DVD Player in “The Coral” & “The Millie” vans?
Yes, these are standard inclusions in our Panda 1 & Panda 2 vans.  However, if you would like to hire this for the Coral & Millie Packages you will need to advise this at the time of your booking as they are subject to availability.

Does the Caravan or Camper Trailer have a battery?
The Panda 2 is equipped with a deep cycle 100ah battery as standard equipment.

Do you Hire Generators?
Yes, we hire generators; please request this at the time of booking as they are subject to availability.

Can we hire extra Fridges and Ice Boxes?
Yes, we hire Waeco Portable 12/240volt Fridges & stands.  We also have bar fridges, freezers and a range of Ice Boxes.  These are all subject to availability so if you require one of these it needs to be communicated at the time of booking. 

We need some extra room or items for the extended family?
We have thought of that too!  We have an ever-increasing inventory of additional optional extras and we have tried to cater for every need.  We hire the Coleman 4 Person Instant Up Tent, we also have camp beds/bunks & mattresses, sleeping bags and pillows, additional floor matting, deluxe gazebos, Titan Armchairs, Moonchairs (Single & Double), Deluxe Junior Armchairs, Hammocks, Extra Lighting and even extra torches and walkie-talkies plus we also have a range of fishing items for those keen anglers wanting to wet a line!

Where can we tour with the Caravans and campers?
Queensland, NSW & ACT on sealed roads only (yes there are limitations and conditions apply which are outlined in your Hire Agreement) and with prior written agreement in Victoria, South Australia.

Does my towing vehicle need to be insured?
Yes, it is a MANDATORY requirement that your towing vehicle has a current Comprehensive Insurance Policy.

Towbar Requirements?
Duty of Care – All vehicles towing our hire fleet MUST comply with our towing capacity requirements and have a correctly rated towbar fitted (includes towbar rating and download capacity)

Will I need to spend another $400+ by having an electric brake controller fitted in my towing vehicle for towing a Hired Caravan or Camper?
No, if your Tow vehicle is not equipped with an Electric Brake Controller we have a number of Portable Electric Brake Controllers for your use.  We also have various trailer plug adaptors available as well.  Please advise staff at the time of booking of your towing requirements to ensure these are available for your hire.

Do we have to stay in a caravan park or can we camp on the side of the road?
The most common place to stay is in one of the thousands of caravan parks all around Australia.  Camping overnight in “wayside stops” or “rest areas” is also very common in regional and remote areas all across Australia (local restrictions may apply in some areas and some of our fleet are not ideally setup to comfortably cater for this method).  When looking for a “rest area” to camp in, look for areas that already have a few other motorhomes or caravans (other campers will make you feel more secure).

Is there an age limit?
Yes, you need to be over 25 years of age and under 75 years of age for Self-Tow or Touring Hire.

I’ve never set up a caravan or camper before.  Is it difficult?
When you arrive to pick up your caravan or camper, we will spend at least an hour teaching you everything you need and want to know on how to “set up” your caravan or camper while you are on your holiday.

Will my vehicle tow the caravan or camper trailer?
Each caravan & camper has tow weight that should be checked against your vehicles specifications.  Please check carefully – if you are unsure please just contact us.

A temporary brake controller is available if your vehicle does not have one fitted.

Our fleet are equipped with either a 7 pin round connector or a 7 pin flat connector.  We can supply round or flat 7 Pin adaptors if required.

The caravans and campers use the common 50mmball hitch.

Please check the Towing Specifications for the Caravan/Camper of your choice under the Fleet & Rates Page of our Website.

What are my weight restrictions to towing a Hire caravan?
Each vehicle can be set up differently for towing, so it is important you know your vehicles towing requirements and limits.  Coral Coast Caravan Hire has a strict policy of matching the vehicle to the caravan for safety reasons and even though the manufacturer of the vehicle may say it is capable of towing a large mass (3tonne etc); this doesn’t mean it will be safe to do so …… to us your SAFETY COMES FIRST, not how much you can tow.  Note – each caravan has basic spec info supplied on our website to assist you.

Your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual will outline the maximum legal braked towing capacity and maximum tow ball weight.  You should ensure your vehicle complies with these to ensure you are not breaching the law and/or compromising your vehicles insurance.

Is the caravan/camper supplied with gas?
Yes, all have a filled Gas Bottle included in the hire price.  An additional bottle can be included and needs only be paid for if used.

When will I get my bond back?
Once a full inspection of the caravan has been completed.  Usually within one week of return.

If I have problems who do I contact?
Please contact us straight away and we will do our best to assist as soon as possible.  In the event of an emergency please contact emergency services as you would normally.

What happens if I break something?
In the event something happens to break whilst you are away, don’t panic.  We have a supply of specific quality items for the caravans and campers and your bond will be used to replace them when you return.

Can I take the caravan or camper on gravel roads or off-road?
No.  The caravans and campers are restricted to sealed bitumen roads only – unless site access is via a well-maintained gravel road of not more than 1 kilometre long and STRICTLY no corrugated roads, 4WD tracks or the like.  A common-sense approach MUST be taken.  If in doubt, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

How am I charged?
The caravans and campers are charged out on a per night basis.  However to offer affordable holidays we have devised a number of packages to cater to your needs.

Trailer Plug?
We have a full range of adapters which will be supplied on pick up to suit your individual vehicle.

Level Ride Kits?
To check if your vehicle is suitable for a level ride kit, see if your tow bar has a removable tongue and if yes, then it is compatible with a level ride kit.

Hirer’s Contents?
Coral Coast Caravan Hire can take NO responsibility for valuables left in or stolen from the caravan or camper.  Insurance on personal property is the Hirer’s responsibility.

What if I want to stay longer?
Please call us on 0438 613 379 if the van or camper you have is not booked – subject to availability, we will be happy to extend your stay.  Payment arrangements will need to be made.

Will the Microwave & air conditioner/heating run off the battery packs?
No, all microwaves and air conditioners/heaters require 240v supply.  However, we have 2Kva Generators available for hire (subject to availability) which can run the microwaves and air conditioners/heaters.

How does the fridge work?
Most Coral Coast Caravan Hire caravans and campers are fitted with 3 way fridges.
Meaning they can run from 3 different power sources.
240v            -             Connected through the caravan/camper power supply
12v Battery  -              If your hire van is equipped with a Battery Pack you will require an operational Anderson Plug fitted to your

                                  tow vehicle already for this to operate, please discuss this prior to pickup
Gas              -             Runs off a gas cylinder stored on the caravan/camper

NOTE:             These fridges require about 4-5 hours to cool down and operate best out of direct sunlight.  The van and fridge also

                       need to be on level ground and levelled out for the fridges to operate properly and efficiently.

Do any of the caravans or campers have a shower or toilet on board?
No, these facilities have proven to be quite troublesome and tedious on the uninitiated and are quite high maintenance items as well.  At Coral Coast Caravan Hire we want you to have a beautiful holiday somewhere nice, and not having to think about such things as sewage issues etc.

I have seen the pictures, can I come and have a look at a caravan personally?
Even though Coral Coast Caravan Hire is very popular and the caravans and campers spend a large portion of their time away on holidays, yes, they can be viewed when they are home.  Viewing is by appointment only, simply give us a call to find out when the one you like is back and make an appointment time and date to drop in.

I have never used a Caravan or Camper before, what do I need to know?
A practical demonstration is provided when you pick up your caravan or camper – please allow up to 1 hour to complete your handover.  An instruction manual is also provided in the caravans & campers, and should there be anything you are still not sure of then please just give us a call, we are more than happy to assist you no matter how small the issue may be – our ultimate goal is for you to have an amazingly relaxing experience.

Does the caravan or camper take long to set up?
All our caravans and campers can be ready for use in approximately 10 minutes.

Will my electrics work with the caravan or camper trailer?
The caravans and campers are fitted with either 7 pin round plugs or 7 pin flat plugs.  An adaptor can be supplied if your vehicle is fitted with alternative plugs.  Some European vehicles such as Land Rovers, VW’s, BMW’s and Volvo’s sometimes do not allow the operation of LED trailer lights effectively.  In this case it would be necessary to use an adaptor that enables legal operation of LED trailer lights.