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Coral Coast Caravan Hire

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Coral Coast Caravan Hire

We love holidaying as a family, but we especially love holidaying in the comfort of a caravan.  The versatility, easiness, comfort and sense of freedom is immeasurable to any other holiday experience we take, not to mention the fact that the cost is usually well below the cost of a similar experience in a holiday house, unit or resort.

But one thing that we noted throughout our own holidaying was the number of other families we met along the way who said they were envious as they did not have access to a caravan or be able to justify the expense of owning a caravan to only use it for their time limited (usually) annual holidays. 

The other noteworthy reason on top of the expense of the caravan was the expense of having a compatible tow vehicle to tow the expensive caravan with.  Add into that all the accessories to make the effort enjoyable, registrations, insurances, upkeep, storage for the remainder of the year that they have to work to pay for all the above and the cost does completely shift the balance of justifiable in today’s financial climate.

So, after recounting the priceless enjoyment our own kids (and especially us parents) gain from every caravanning holiday experience we take, we sat down to work out how we could help other families have access to this great experience.

After careful consideration and planning we are proud to bring to the Wide Bay District the complete caravanning holiday experience for you or your family to hire.  We have started with a catalogue of caravanning and camping equipment and accessories to make your experience unforgettable and you have access to hire it all.  We have everything a family needs to just make great memories that don’t involve the stress and we are always adding to this, so if there is something that we don’t yet have available but you think would make yours and others experience even more enjoyable please just let us know.

We are located just a short drive from the Bundaberg CBD in the wonderful Wide Bay of Queensland.  We cherish our surrounding districts in the Wide Bay Burnett, and in fact these are amongst our own favourite holiday destinations. 

We made it our mission to allow everyone access to the caravanning holiday experience, so to achieve this we offer Self-Tow Hire Packages for those who already have a compatible tow vehicle and experience and for those a little less experienced or without a suitable tow vehicle we have devised free Delivered, Setup & Collected Hire Packages (limitations apply) – you don’t need to lift a finger.

Caravanning Holidays for hire – because everyone should experience these at least once in their life!


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